I lost 10 lbs in 2 weeks using Get Fit with Mel B for the Playstation Move

If you came here for the giveaway, all you need to do is register and comment below.  Sorry, this offer is valid only to U.S. residents. Today marks the second […]

If you came here for the giveaway, all you need to do is register and comment below.  Sorry, this offer is valid only to U.S. residents.

Today marks the second week that I’ve decided to get my ass into gear and get back in shape.  It all started when we received a review unit of ‘Get Fit with Mel B’.  I had to go out and buy a Playstation Move because I had no incentive to actually own one prior. (It’s actually pretty neat and I’ll discuss the merits of the Move vs Kinect at a later date.) After securing the Move hardware, I fired up Get Fit with Mel B and tried it out.  There is no reason to reiterate what I’ve already discussed before, instead I’ll just link to my review of the game here:


In case you don’t want to read the whole review, the short story is: I was spent and sweating profusely.  I realized that if I honestly gave this fitness program a shot, I might actually see results.  So that’s exactly what I set out to do.  Exactly two weeks ago, I weighed 224.7 Lbs.  Today, I am 215.2 Lbs.   Alright, so it’s not exactly ten pounds, but it’s damn close.  And valid if I round up :).

So, How did I do it?

First, I want to explain that I didn’t follow any of the meal plans provided within the game.  While they look healthy and delicious, I’m just not the type of person that would take the time out to make these meals.  Sometimes I’d even indulge myself with calorific drinks that pose no nutritional value, but taste damn good.

I just can’t afford the time spent on it.  And I’m not exactly J.P. Moneybags either, so I’m pretty limited by what I can afford for lunch in the Wall St. area.  Generally, it’s slim pickin’s for anything in the $5 category.  A good deal of stuff can be found in the $10 region, but most of this food isn’t what I’d consider to be healthy in any sense of the word.  Truly, if you want to have tasty and healthy meals, you’re looking at the $20 and north section of menus.  I don’t know about you, but I sure as hell can’t swing $20+ a day for lunch.  The only real alternative I had was Subway.  I understand this might not be for everybody, but it was $5.44/whole sub.  I rotated between tuna, chicken breast, the Subway Club, and ham all on Subway’s Flatbread.  They don’t bake the flatbread on premises. Instead it’s shipped to them frozen, so it will have to be ‘Oven Nuked’ every time.  It’s probably no more healthy, or potentially less healthy than the whole wheat breads, but those contain HFCS anyway, so what’s really the difference?  50 Calories?  Meh, I scoff at those measly calories.

I would have half a sandwich around noon, and I would have the other half around 2-3P.M.  I usually get home around 7:30 P.M. at which time my wife regularly has dinner ready for me (THANKS HUNNY! /she doesn’t read my blog, so I’m not sure why I typed that).  And this is standard dinner stuff, nothing left out or cooked in a certain way.  I.E. Breaded chicken with vegetables / Pasta with meatballs / Chicken noodle soup / Take-out / Etc.

The only tactic I used for my diet was to cut out dairy entirely.  Sadly, this means no pizza, cheese, grated cheese, cereal, etc.  Dairy is used quite extensively in delicious comestibles; it upset me greatly.  But whatever. It makes it much easier to say no to certain foods if you deem an entire class of foodstuffs as evil.

And even though I wanted to work out every day for two weeks (just to get that sweet trophy), I just couldn’t do it.  My first advanced aerobics workout was so strenuous, and I was sore the next day in so many weird places, that I decided to give myself a break.  Effectively, what wound up happening is that I averaged exercising four times a week.  Twice I elected to go on the treadmill instead of using ‘Get Fit with Mel B’, just to mix things up a little bit.

And that was it.  Below you can see a side-by-side comparison of what I looked like two weeks ago and what I look like today.  I’m very embarrassed by how far I let myself go, so hopefully I can continue to maintain my new lifestyle and get back to my original weight.

Jeez!  Talk about the camera adding ten pounds.  The difference from where I was to where I am now is actually noticeable IRL.  I mean, it’s not like “OMG! Look at how thin  you are”, but it is possible to see a difference. I guess it is only the slightest bit different.  Damn it, this picture has bolstered my determination to continue losing weight.

Also, it should be noted that this initial weight loss I experienced may be the result of already having been so overweight to begin with.  Perhaps my body shed this weight because it was already in excess, waiting to go.  I might hit a plateau somewhere along the way, or maybe not.

Wish me luck.


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