My Games of 2012

Being one of the BrainTrust here at BrainLazy and given the fact that I haven’t contributed much this past year, I figured what better way to kick off the new year then by looking back at my top five games (and a runner-up) of 2012. Well then, let’s get to it.

Android Games

Rather than picking my favorite of the bunch, I’d just like to give an honorable mention to the games available on Android. Google’s mobile OS has really picked up steam this year and it shows through its catalog of games. I’m definitely more of a puzzle / brain teaser mobile gamer which the platform has plenty of. Noodlecake Studios has put out some great ones, some their own and some ports from other developers, including Trainyard and Huebrix. Check them out.

Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken

A recently reviewed game of mine, put out by Ratloop Asia, is a great side-scrolling action platformer. With a great soundtrack, fun storytelling, and standard gameplay for the genre, it’s worth the money.


Terraria is a 2D sandbox game where you collect resources to create, develop, and survive the world around you. You start off with a standard set of wooden tools: axe, pickaxe, etc. From there you chop down trees, mine ore, and loot hidden chests and other treasures deep beneath the ground to build structures to withstand the onslaught of demons and other entities that go bump in the night. The deeper the spelunking, the better the ore and loot, to allow you to build even better decor, weapons, and tools. Gaming is also hosted on skyblock servers.

One of the great things about this game is the number and variety of… well, everything from decor to baddies to weapons and tools.

Halo 4 (Multiplayer)

The most recent of the Halo series and first without Bungie’s involvement, Halo 4 takes things in a pretty interesting direction. Since I’ve mainly played multiplayer, I can’t speak much on the campaign portion, but as we saw with Halo: Reach, armor abilities are still around. There’s a few new game-types  as well as some classics like Slayer, CTF, and Oddball. 343 Industries also tossed in a few pretty cool new features like ordinances, throwing the oddball, and shooting while carrying the flag which really add to the insanity.

Assassin’s Creed 3

Desmond is back but this time he’s delving into the memories of Haytham Kenway. As with each game in the series, things are a little more polished up than its predecessor and a few new features have been added. One of the biggest tweaked gameplay mechanics is scaling and traversing more natural terrain such as trees, boulders, cliffs, etc. I’m still fairly early on in the campaign, but it’s definitely been the most enjoyable of its precursors.


Finally, my top game of 2012. The inspiration for games like Terraria, Minecraft is a sandbox game in a 3D-voxel environment. Think of it as a giant lego-land MMO. Originally conceived and developed by a sole developer in Sweden, the popularity of the game skyrocketed after its alpha release. Now just over a year after its official release, Minecraft is still actively being developed, allowing its community to give feedback and direct its progression.


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