Get Fit with Mel B Trophy List leaked

Get Fit with Mel B Name: Get Fit with Mel B Publisher: Deep Silver Developer: Lightning Fish Platform: PS3 (PlayStation Move) Genre: Fitness Players: 1 Release Date: 9/28/2010 SRP: $49.99 […]

Get Fit with Mel B

  • Name: Get Fit with Mel B
  • Publisher: Deep Silver
  • Developer: Lightning Fish
  • Platform: PS3 (PlayStation Move)
  • Genre: Fitness
  • Players: 1
  • Release Date: 9/28/2010
  • SRP: $49.99
  • ESRB: E
  • URL:

Alright, so I didn’t really find Sony’s Move all that exciting… until I saw this exertainment game coming out.  Now let’s make one thing clear: I am an achievement whore.  I love the cheevos.  Love’em.  On Sony they’re called trophies, but they’re the same thing.  The reason I am ever so slightly more tempted to pick up the Move for this title is because of the marriage of Trophies+Cardio.  That’s a win/win right there.  Seldom do I ever yearn to continue with my exercises, But this game just might be the ticket.  It seems like it will eventually taper out though, when I hit platinum, will I want to continue playing… I think not.

Also, I’m not really sure why Mel B is kicking so high on the box cover for a Move game, do they plan on us strapping the Move controllers to our feet?  Trophy list is below the image.


  • FEEL THE BURN – Complete your first workout
  • DROP AND GIVE ME 1000 – Do 1000 push-ups
  • ABS OF STEEL – Do 1000 long-arm crunches
  • BRING IT ON – Raise a fitness level by 10
  • 99… 100 – Complete 100 reps
  • 499… 500 – Complete 500 reps
  • 999… 1000 – Complete 1000 reps
  • FLASH DANCER – Collect over 350 stars in a Dance Aerobics workout
  • GOING UP? – Climb the equivalent of the Empire State Building in Step Aerobics
  • PUMPED – Lift the equivalent of an SUV in Pump ‘n’ Tone
  • FIT CROWD – Complete a Fitness workout
  • DANCE OFF – Complete a Dance workout
  • FAT BURNER – Complete a Cardio Workout
  • FRONT RUNNER – Complete an Advanced Cardio Workout
  • BEST FOOT FORWARD – Complete a Step workout
  • WARRIOR – Complete a Combat Workout
  • TONED – Complete a Pump ‘n’ tone workout
  • FITNESS MONSTER – Complete 20 Fitness workouts
  • LAST DANCE – Complete 20 Dance workouts
  • SWEAT DREAMS – Complete 20 Cardio workouts
  • ATHLETE – Complete 20 Advanced Cardio Workouts
  • ESCALATOR – Complete 20 Step workouts
  • ULTIMATE WARRIOR – Complete 20 Combat Workouts
  • PUMP ‘N’ THRONE – Complete 20 Pump ‘n’ Tone workouts
  • NEWCOMER – Reach level 60 in any category
  • AMATEUR – Reach level 70 in any category
  • SEMI PROFESSIONAL – Reach level 80 in any category
  • FLEXIBLE – Reached level 70 in three categories
  • 20 RUN – 20 good reps in a row
  • PERFECT 10 – 10 perfect reps in a row
  • FIRST GOLD – Win a gold medal in a workout
  • JUST A SNACK – Burn off a chocolate bar
  • ONE LARGE PEPPERONI – Burn off a pizza
  • PARTY SEASON – Burn off a Christmas dinner
  • WHAT’S FOR LUNCH? – Follow the menu every day for a week
  • PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT – Practice five different exercises
  • VARIETY – Complete at least one workout of each workout type
  • MY WORKOUT – Create a custom fitness workout
  • MY AEROBICS – Create a custom aerobics workout
  • DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY – Complete an aerobic workout between 12:00am and 2:00am
  • EARLY WORM – Complete a fitness workout between 5:00am and 7:00am


  • 25 LEVELS UP – Raise a fitness level by 25
  • DRIVEN - Exercise every day for two weeks
  • PROFESSIONAL - Reach level 90 in any category
  • HAT TRICK – Reached level 80 in three categories
  • TRIATHLON – Reached level 90 in three categories
  • FULL HOUSE – Get a gold badge for all challenges
  • 60 MIN BURN – Complete a 60 minute aerobics workout of any type with a score over 90%


  • PERFECTIONIST - Reach level 100 in any category
  • THE TRIPLE – Reached level 100 in three categories


  • MY BODY IS A TEMPLE – Collect all other Trophies on Get Fit with Mel B

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