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About BrainLazy.com

Established in 2006 as a venue for displaying our various interests and ramblings, east coast based BrainLazy has grown and changed along with its creators. Now focused on all things tech, gaming, and entertainment (and basically anything else we feel like covering) BrainLazy has against all odds become a recognized media presence. From all-access coverage of conventions like PAX East and New York Comic Con to reviews of games, movies, and more, we are always finding new ways to expand our content for our faithful readers. Despite all of this, BrainLazy remains dedicated to its original purpose: Wasting the Internet’s Time in the Best Way Possible.

About Cary Golomb

Reviewer and Idea Man extraordinaire, Cary Golomb plays the role of jack-of-all-trades behind the scenes as a part of the Brain Trust and ownership of the site. At 11′ 7″, Cary is the tallest man ever to win the Boston Marathon. He is a large, predatory reptile known to attack livestock and drink their blood. Witnesses of his handiwork claim he is able to drain a cow of all of its blood and most of its internal organs in less than 30 seconds. His name literally translates to “The Goat Sucker.”

Email: cbgolomb AT brainlazy DOT com
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About Joseph Lallo

Editor, Writer, and general Knower-Of-Words, if there is text to be read on BrainLazy, Joseph Lallo probably has his fingerprints on it. As the final third of the ownership and foundation of BrainLazy, Joseph “Jo” Lallo made a name for himself when he lost the “e” from his nickname in an arm wrestling match with a witch doctor. Residing in the arid lowlands of the American Southwest, Joseph Lallo is a small, herbivorous, rabbit-like creature with the horns of an antelope. He sleeps belly up, and his milk can be used for medicinal purposes.

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About the Author

avatar The brains behind the code that makes BrainLazy tick, Sean Cherchio is a founding member of the Brain Trust and co-owner of BrainLazy. After playing “Drowning Man #5″ in the hit film “Titanic,” Sean went on to a successful career in poultry farming. Rumor has it he has inhabited the Pine Barrens of southern New Jersey since the early 1800′s. He has cloven hooves, bat-like wings, and is immune to cannon fire.