Shoot Many Robots: Metal Slug meets Borderlands (Preview)

Before I begin, I think it’s fair to say the product that I saw was still incomplete, so whatever I say here may not fully reflect the final build of […]

Before I begin, I think it’s fair to say the product that I saw was still incomplete, so whatever I say here may not fully reflect the final build of the game.  With that said, Shoot Many Robots is shaping up to be really awesome!  I only had a chance to play with one other person during my time, but I’m stoked to report that four player co-op will be available for all to enjoy.  The gameplay and co-op reflect Metal Slug to some degree, they differ on a few points.  First, you have the ability to make a hard stop and aim 360 degrees around your character.  Second, instead of just meleeing when you get close to an enemy, you can purposely choose to melee when close or reflect ordinance back towards the enemy who fired it.  The reflection mechanic is spot on and is always available.  You can do it mid-jump or quickly execute it when turning around.  Really well done on that part.

The part where Shoot Many Robots becomes Metal Slug+Borderlands is the leveling/currency system.  Leveling up opens access to new items that can be purchased with the nuts and bolts discarded from busted machinery.  One of the little details that I’m glad Demiurge Studios added was upon equipping new items, it properly reflects on your character.  This is where the game starts to address a more care-free nature as soon you’ll be a gun-toting, tutu wearing, beer hat guzzling, flannel shirt robot killing machine.  All in the name of better stats, naturally.  The other part borrowed from Borderlands is the cel-shaded look, but for the life of me I just didn’t feel the character animation was complete.  Again, this may be because SMR isn’t completed yet, but it had more of a stop motion feel to it, when I would have preferred the heavily animated Metal Slug approach.

The reason I suggest that the character animation might not be fully complete is the foreground/background animation looks much more fluid than the characters, even the boss animation seems more fleshed out.  So I’ll wait to judge on that when the game is complete.  That tiny nitpick aside, I still heavily enjoyed SMR and I eagerly await it’s release, which should be sometime this year.  A break down of the features in Shoot Many Robots is below:


  • Leveling-Up + Item/Equipment/Costumes + Accessible take on ‘Run and Gun’
  • 2-4 Player Online Co-Op
  • Control Mechanics – Tactical Stance (Hold L Trigger) Full Range of 360 degree aiming
  • Nuts – Nuts are the scoring/currency object in the game for buying and upgrading equipment
  • Co-Opetition –Nuts are divided up based upon number of kills per player, creating a friendly competition during co-op.
  • Two Weapon Slots –
    • Primary Weapons (unlimited ammo): Variations for Submachine Guns, Shotguns, Machine Guns, Rifles, Revolvers – (many more in final product)
    • Secondary Weapons (‘Oh Shit Guns’): Variations for Rocket Launchers, Grenade Launchers, Gatling Guns, Grenades, Molotov Cocktails, (many more in final product)
  • Three Main Costume/Gear Slots
    • Headgear – Stuntman Helmet, Football Helmet, Motorcycle Helmet, Beer Helmet, Viking Helmet, Princess Tiara, Tam O’ Shanter, Paper Bag, etc.
    • Body – Viking Shield/Spear, Jetpack, Bagpipes,  Fairy Wings, Backpacks for Extra Beer/Ammo, etc.
    • Legs – Slide Pants, Tutu, Kilt, Equipment/Utility Belts, Beer Belts, etc.
  • About Items – All items have their own perks and stats buffs per item. Some will better compliment certain weapon types (Ex: Soldiers helmet boosts machine gun ability;) Other items, boost physical attributes (Ex:  Tutu enhances running speed and jump height.)
  • Metagame – Less of a linear experience. Players will navigate an over world map using the RV to visit different ‘sites’ and regions as opposed to basic chunks. (Ex: 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, etc)



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