PAX East

Kicking off this Friday is one of the biggest video game events ever to hit the east coast, the first annual PAX East. With this many video game big shots just a stone's throw away from BLHQ, we could not resist the opportunity to send some people up north to check it out. The media passes are at will call, the bus tickets are bought, and the hotel reservations are made. Brainlazy is going to Boston! Excited? We are! Just in case you aren't anticipating it as eagerly as us, let's give you a little taste of the coverage we've got in store.

First off, the interviews. The last few weeks have been spent sending emails to every developer and company rep that would listen, and we got some exciting replies. These good folks have agreed to have a word with us, so keep your eyes on this site in the days following the convention to hear what they had to say. We might even have some video!

Aaron Teplitsky – YYR: Maker of Snake360 on Xbox Live and active indie and community developer, Aaron is going discuss with us the process and developments in community gaming, and let us know what he's working on now.

Sam Houston – Perfect World Entertainment: Perfect World has produced some of the best free-to-play MMOs on the market, and we'll be discussing any news he has. Oh, yeah, and there is a little thing called the Torchlight MMO which we might ask him about. You know, if there's time.

James Silva – Ska Studios: After Dishwasher: Dead Samurai and I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES 1NIT!!!1, Ska Studios has earned a permanent spot on our radar. We are going to talk about what sort of projects are in the pipeline and see if he as any insight into new directions that XBLA is heading.

Twisted Pixel: Maw and 'Splosion Man are a tough act to follow, so we will be stopping by and seeing if Comic Jumper can keep the streak alive. Word has it if we time things right we might be able to give you folks some shakycam footage of the first level, so synchronize watches.

Topware: We'll be talking to the makers of Two Worlds about their upcoming sequel, Two Worlds II.

Muzzy Lane: We'll be talking to the makers of Making History about their upcoming sequel, Making History II… Don't laugh, if we managed to get an interview with every major studio, you'd see a dozen summaries that look like this. There's nothing wrong with sticking a roman numeral on the end of a title, just so long as you keep making things better. Did they? We'll see.

Turtle Beach: Makers of some of the best gaming oriented audio peripherals around, we are looking forward to hearing what Turtle Beach has to offer. We're betting it will be in crystal clear 5.1 surround.

Aside from the face to face time, we've cherry picked the schedule of panels and come up with the following list that we'll be sitting in on:

Keynote – Wil Wheaton: The Geeks have a King, and his name is Wheaton. A veteran of PAX, it seems only right that we would have our butts in the seats for this one.

PA Panel 1 & 2, PA Make a Strip, Closing Ceremonies: This being Penny Arcade's show, Brainlazy will be covering every appearance we can manage, from beginning to end.

Nvidia Unveils The Next Generation of PC Gaming: Even with stiff competition coming from ATI, Nvidia has plenty up its sleeve. We are planning on seeing it first hand.

Indies will Shoot You in the Knees: What with our multiple interviews with Indie developers, we thought it might be wise to educate ourselves on their proclivities in regards to bullets and our patellas.

Losing Should Be Fun: With far too many games leading to hair being pulled out in clumps with every reloaded savepoint, Brainlazy wants to hear what recommendations are being made to produce games that are less prone to hastening baldness.

Hi, I'm Machinima: Hi, Machinima, I'm Decoychunk. Things like Garry's Mod as a tool and Red Versus Blue as an early adopter have made the future of Machinima far more legitimate than many would have ever imagined. Now with Natal on the horizon, well… Let's see what they've got!

Kotaku and Croal: In Search Of The Best Games Ever: Kotaku and Croal have been searching for the best games ever? Funny, so have we! Maybe we can compare notes.

Major Nelson Live: This is an opportunity to see if Major Nelson can manage the same energy level for longer than 1 minute chunks.

But Thou Must: Choice in Gaming: If you want additional insight into the role and future of choice in gaming, go to this panel. If you don't, go to this panel.

Interviews and Panels are just a tiny slice of what we are hoping to accomplish and cover at PAX East. Practically every big name in gaming is going to be present, both hardware and software. We are going to try to cover every last scrap of information until we are gnawing on the bone. Sure, we didn't schedule any time to eat, and sleep may have been pushed off the agenda for the first two days, but hey, we're gamers! We can sleep when we're dead!


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