Breach Interview and Hands On Demo at PAX East

One of the highlights of our time at PAX was a chance to get a glimpse of a game that had not made its way onto our radar before he hit the show floor, Breach. This is a mulitplayer only game for the Xbox and PC that will be coming out in the early summer this year, and PR rep David Tractenberg took a moment to speak to us about what we can expect from this exciting title.

David, decked out in full military gear, had a laundry list of cool features to talk about. The main selling point is the fact that this game is the first and only one to feature fully destructible environments with active cover. And when I say fully destructible, I mean FULLY destructible. This isn't a handful of walls with breakaway sections. Given the right weapon, you can literally shoot away a wall brick by brick. Roofs and walls crumble away when their supports are destroyed, and whole buildings supported on hillsides collapse into debris when their struts are blasted away. Damage from falling, whether you are the thing falling or the thing getting fallen upon, is based on physics. Small drops hurt, big drops kill. If the thought of blasting a hole in a wall in order to create your own sniper's nest doesn't get your creative gameplay juices flowing, I'm not sure you deserve to call yourself a gamer. Frankly, the thought of blasting the whole darn sniper's nest from the skyline has got me excited… not that I have any grudge against snipers or anything…

Another notable aspect of the game is its authenticity. This should come as no surprise, as Atomic has done simulation software for government and military agencies. David claimed that all weapons and gadgets are accurate representations of the equipment each class of soldier would bring in a real life mission. Speaking of classes, we heard mention of a few that will be featured in this game. There will be five character classes in total, all of which can be leveled and improved. The first four classes, which include the gunner and rifleman, are available from the start, and leveling two will unlock the fifth ?elite? class, Recon. In terms of maps, you can expect the game to come with four maps initially, one of which is at night. A fifth will be unlockable based on criteria yet to be determined, though there was a pretty strong indication it would have to do with blowing stuff up. That's handy, since I had every intention of blowing stuff up anyway.

While the game will be available for both PC and Xbox, for technical and game balance reasons there will be no crossplatform multiplayer. Regardless of platform, you are looking at a projected price of about $15 dollars. Based on the videos and descriptions, that sounds like a heck of a bargain. You can learn more at


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