American Classic Arcade Museum

PAX isn't a gaming news convention, it is a gathering to embrace and celebrate the gaming culture, and a culture is nothing without its past. Sure, loads of people come just to see the latest and greatest, and to meet the big names of gaming today, but it is important not to forget our roots. Luckily, the American Classic Arcade Museum (ACAM) is there to keep the past of our favorite pastime alive and kicking. We caught up with Gary Vincent and talked to him about this monument to the coin-op era.

ACAM provided the hardware for the huge classic arcade freeplay area at PAX, and all of the machines were restored original equipment. It was the first time that ACAM had moved any of its displays off site. Getting them to Boston was a huge undertaking. New Hampshire is their permanent home where they occupy the third floor of Funspot, the world's largest arcade. Virtually every machine there is restored original equipment. Only Dragon's Lair and Us Versus Them, notorious for their flaky Laser Disc technology, have been modified for the sake of reliability. Despite some notoriety brought by King of Kong and Chasing Ghosts, as well as a yet to be released production called Alter of the Unnamed, ACAM remains a non-profit organization supported almost entirely by donated hardware and a weekly bingo game.

If you are ever in New Hampshire, or even if you aren't, you owe it to yourself to stop by the Funspot and see ACAM. From old school gamers yearning for a piece of their youth, to youngsters interested in seeing how far we've come, ACAM is hands down the best place there is to see the origins of modern gaming. Learn more at


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