This Week: Samsung Captivate Unboxing

This week, we got the new Samsung Captivate in for review, and we are impressed. The phone is the AT&T branded version of the Galaxy S, and we recorded the full unboxing and power-on in 720p with its European cousin, the International model. While the two phones are obviously similar, there are several details and features unique to the Captivate that are worthy of mention. Check out the video and read on for our first thoughts, and if the phone makes an impression on us, expect more coverage.

First is the case. The body has a sturdier, more solid feel to it than the international model. It seems to be metal or carbon fiber rather than metal, but hey, we aren’t materials scientists. The battery cover is affixed with a large clip that slides in and out of position with a satisfying click. The battery inside is a Li-Ion, not Li-Poly as some published documentation claims. Booting the phone greets you with first the AT&T splash video, then the standard Galaxy S. It has a fairly swift boot time, and the interface is very smooth and responsive. There is evidence of improvements made since the European Model was released, including starting the UI on the center screen rather than the left most “first” screen. We concluded our test with a test call that was loud and clear on both ends. The phone went home with our man Oriech for some day to day testing. We’ll keep you posted on his opinions and observations.


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