Samsung Galaxy S

For some reason or another I've become amazingly fascinated with this new smart phone coming from Samsung.  I've already pre-ordered the device from the UK even though it might be showing up in the US sooner, rather than later.

I’ve been in contact with a Samsung Representative for a little bit now, asking questions about the new Samsung Galaxy S.  There doesn’t seem to be much information from any of the vendors in the UK so I thought I would try and get some solid info directly from the source.  Here is the reply:

The Galaxy S has (sic) in Europe, including Switzerland and the UK. This rollout of the device will expanded to the rest of the world in June. The Galaxy S is available for approximately 530 EUR without a subsidy. Samsung is closely working with operators to offer more competitive deals for consumers.

We have an Android-related event coming up on June 29th in NYC. If you can attend, we’d be happy to have you there. At this time, I can’t confirm any details of the event, but they will be coming soon.

So there you have it.  More than likely the June 14th date for UK is looking like the actual release date.  More about the event in NYC, do you think I should go?  I can actually make the event.


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