Samsung Galaxy S coming to FIVE carriers in US

It would seem Samsung is pushing MEGA hard with it's Galaxy S.  Samsung just announced they are going to AT&T, T-mobile, Sprint, Verizon and US Cellular.

On AT&T it's called the Captivate, T-mobile = Vibrant, Sprint = Epic 4G, Verizon - Fascinate, and no fancy name for US Cellular.  Look inside for pics as we get them.

Samsung's opening salvo is going to be fierce.  This is a concentrated launch into showing Apple what Smartphones are all about.  It's going to be a fun ride.

Samsung launches take over campaign

Here’s what I know so far.  It seems like ALL US-based Galaxy S Models are getting a gyroscope added to them.  The game asphalt 5 will be available to make use of the new 6-axis of control.

There are no pics that I know of right now that show the Verizon or US Cellular version.  More than likely they will be on display at the June 29th Galaxy S Event.  We will be there to cover it as it unfolds.

Now for the big guy.  Sprint is calling it the Epic 4G.  And it is king of Samsung Galaxy S’.  On top of everything that the Galaxy S has to offer, the Epic 4G also includes a physical slide out keyboard, LED Flash on the back for taking pictures and video and the inclusion of the 4G modem.  Truly, this is the Epic 4G.

T-Mobile Vibrant

This bad boy looks basically the same as the I9000, the only difference being the physical home button is replaced by all four buttons and the “with Google” moniker is missing?  Also in the Vibrant is the included six-axis accelrometer+gyro.

More to come as we visit the Galaxy S event in NYC.


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