Forge (PC Review)

Forge (PC Review)

By Nowak911 – December 10, 2012

Take the PvP from World of Warcraft, add manual aiming and the twitchiness of shooters like Quake or Unreal Tournament, and you get Forge.  Forge puts a wonderful spin on the shooter genre by giving you a pleasurable mix of fps controls and fantasy MMO attacks.  While the game is by no means perfect, it is a delightful foray into a relatively underused area.  Forge, at its basis is a class based 3rd person shooter.  There is no single player/campaign to speak of.  You are given several classes to choose from and they are your essential MMORPG classes.  2 melee, 2 ranged, and 1 healing class.   Each class is given several abilities/attacks and 1 “super” ability.  The abilities are basic attacks, CC, and movement based.


  • Assassin – agile melee
  • Warden – strong and burly melee
  • Shaman – healer
  • Pathfinder – stealthy ranged
  • Pyromancer – magic dealing ranged

The Likes


From a visual standpoint, the game is solid.  The art design and style flow nicely from level to level.  The characters are unique but fit well into a fantasy mold.  The attacks have some great lighting and give enough eye candy to keep you interested.  It also helps identify what shenanigans are coming your way.  The level design offers some nice touches on dungeons, catwalks, and castle themed areas.  This is about what you would expect from a fantasy themed world.



There is only one thing I did not like about the gameplay.  It’s rather slow.  Between the size of the maps and the terrain, the movement speed needs to be buffed up.  With that being said, the rest of Forge is great and engaging.  Unlike typical shooters, you can’t be a lone wolf.  Teamwork is the key to Forge, no matter what game type you are in.  Group up, stick with your healer, and your team can roll through just about everything.  The level design gives you plenty of sight lines and the verticality of the maps also keeps you on your toes.  I can recall a particular instance where I was trying to take out a shaman with my pathfinder only to be whirlwind smashed by a warden who seemed to drop out of the heavens.


The Don’t Likes

Sound Design

The sounds were incredibly generic, especially with regards to movement.  I felt that every character had the same “thump” when they walked and it gave no indication to what was coming for you.  Also, typically in a shooter, the sounds in the world key you in on what is going on.  This is not the case in Forge, everything is bland.  The attacks and environment noise do not give you any sense of the world or battle that you are in.

User Interface

The interface does not give the player a whole lot to work with.  Your health bar is tiny and difficult to keep an eye on.  You have on screen indications of where your teammates are and where some enemies are depending on your distance and sightline but for the most part you can get easily lost in the larger maps.  There does not seem to be a cast bar or any visual indicators of what kind of attack may be coming your way.


Wrap Up

Despite a few shortcomings, Forge is a fun game once you get yourself buried in it.  After a few rounds I did not have any trouble getting into the swing of the action.  Right now, with any MMO type of PvP, the classes aren’t completely balanced but only a few tweaks could fix that.  I found the majority of players being ranged classes while a few brave souls tested the melee waters.  Most of those melee gamers would switch halfway through the game type.  The major necessity currently is a movement speed buff for ALL classes.  For a game that combines fantasy and “twitch” gaming, you do not need much “twitch” right now.

7.0/10 Not perfect but a few subtle tweaks and this game is gold.


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