Things that I Hate

I hate little squirrels and big elephants.

I hate hypnotists and bird seed.

I hate all three flavors of Neapolitan ice cream.

I hate ladybugs and pork chops.

I hate numbers divisible by three and moonbeams.

I hate everything that has ever come out of, or will ever go into, a porcupine.

I hate thumbnails and the letter H.

I hate gravel and a blender.

I hate Jimmy Carter and sea turtles.

I hate the second e in pineapple.

I hate ridicule and mustard.

I hate petunias and Persian rugs.

I hate the concept of zero.

I hate ham and spaceships.

I hate snigglets and factorials.

I hate vowels and Iceland.

I hate every ninth second.

I hate Luke Skywalker, dental floss, and shiny things.

I hate common misspellings and cotton balls.

I hate ones, tens and froot loops (TM) .

I hate the following sentence.

I hate similarities and hyphens.

I hate the metric system, gargling, and standardized parts.

I hate long division.

I hate complete photonic reversal.

I hate the upper crust, the transistor, and Wednesday.

I hate buildups, shutdowns, and layovers.

I hate the treaty of Versailles and the frenulum.

I hate groundhogs, heart attacks, and Daytona.

I hate point of purchase.

I hate rye bread, North North East, and islands 455-891 of the thousand islands.

I hate cockney rhyming slang and velcro.


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