The Half of Reality that Exists

The human mind views the world in a very specific way. We see things as hot and cold, light and dark. This is a very useful way of looking at things, but it is not an accurate one. Cold is the lack of heat. Darkness is the lack of light. Now, it is easy to see why we developed a concept like cold. Saying things like, “How ’bout this weather? Not hot enough for you?” would make for pretty lousy small talk. But again, that is not the way things really are. It is not unreasonable to imagine that fully half of what we perceive to exist is, in reality, the lack of something else. Only half of existence is real. But which half? Light is measurable, it can be created. One would imagine that it is real. But most of the universe is dark. How can most of the universe be defined by something that does not exist?

Furthermore, think for a moment about the examples I just gave. Hot and Cold. Light and Dark. What is the ultimate example of extremes? Good and Evil. They are opposites. Logic would thus dictate that one is the lack of the other. But which is which? Is good the absence of evil? Or is evil the absence of good? Good is likened to light, and evil to darkness, so let us imagine for a moment that good is real and evil is its absence. That means that most of the universe is evil. And, just as the expansion of the universe causes it to trend toward coldness and darkness, so too does the universe trend toward evil. The second law of thermal dynamics would require that good would eventually die away. There can only be so much light, so much heat, and so much good. Of course, there is the theory that the universe will eventually contract. As it does, the heat, light, and good will become more and more powerfully concentrated. All of existence will be an island of good in a sea of evil. Then the big bang will happen again.

So let us take the opposite view. Evil is real, and good is its absence. That means that you cannot create good, you can only attempt to avoid evil. Indeed. The very presence of evil in such a system would imply that there is some naturally occurring source of evil. Someone or something is actively creating it. Otherwise it would all have dissipated and there would be only good. Indeed, good itself would only be absolute in complete nothingness. On the plus side, the universe would be primarily good. Since there is nothing there, it must be good. That would mean, though, that were we to occupy that space, we would necessarily be making it more evil.


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