Stream of consciousness 3: The Third One

I wonder if lettuce is ever mad that it is never the main player in a sandwich. I used to make lettuce sandwiches when I was little. Who am I kidding, I was never little. I mean, I was a fetus once. They are pretty small. They kind of look like seahorses. Or maybe seahorses just haven’t been born yet. I’ll tell you one thing, a seahorse looks much more like its namesake than a sea cow. I wonder what that guy was drinking.

Maybe rum. Pirates drink rum. Also grog. I think that grog was probably named for a caveman. Why to we assume cavemen gave each other monosyllabic sound effects for names? I mean, we must have gotten to our current set of names somehow? Plus, the further back you go, the longer names get. Like Glenfeld Fizzlezworth. So cavemen probably had names even longer than that, like Greyfelditheringworthishford Westfallthreshingbottomirecleft the 45th. Or something like that.

What exactly IS the difference between a goose and a duck. And why only chicken eggs. The mysteries of the poultry world haunt me. Like ghosts. Ghosts say Boo. Vampires say Blah. These are not scary noises. I think I said this out loud to someone before. Does that still make it stream of conscious? Aw, who cares. It isn’t like there is anyone out there reading this. The important thing is that I waste a few minutes of my time doing something I that didn’t need to be done.


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