Stream of Conciousness 2

Why do people think babies are cute? Probably the big heads. I have a big head, but that doesn’t make me cute. Maybe if I was bald. And ate only pre-chewed food. Who chews that food? What a weird job that would be. Probably a pretty easy one to get. All you really need is teeth. Or really strong gums. My great uncle had strong gums. He could eat corn on the cob with his gums. I wonder if he could use them to tighten bolts. I bet he could. I guess tightening bolts is to robots as chiropractics is to people.

What if robots attacked right now? I bet we would need cannons to stop them. There should be more cannons. I can’t think of a single time in my life I’ve seen a cannon, ready to fire, in the city. What if pirates attacked? The swat team should have cannons. And blunderbusses. Those things are great. I think it should be legal to kill someone with a blunderbuss. Only if it was funny, though. Kill a clown with a blunderbuss and walk. That sort of policy would get you elected for sure.

Elections are popularity contests. That makes the President more like the Prom King than an actual king. Which means the president should be more entertaining than skilled at leading. That’s what makes people like you, being entertaining. I want to see George W. Bush win Dancing with the Stars. Or American Gladiators. If ever there was a time for that show to return, the time is now. Bring back Zonka!

What if my name was Zonka. I’d definitely have that be my nickname. No first name, just Zonka. It’d be great if that was my name and I became synonymous with something. Like a wrestling move. The two armed Zonka. That sounds more like a creature Buck Rogers would have to fight. Now there’s a name. Buck Zonka.


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