Short Stupidity Part 2

Don’t you think there should be a vh2 by now? Honestly, there is an MTV 2, and an ESPN 2. Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network have spun off networks. There is a whole spectrum of Discovery and History channels. Time to increment the video hits! Either that or change the name to “That 80’s Channel.”

Seeing as how the male nipple is purely ornamental anyway, I say that we get creative with these things. For instance, you could put a red ‘H’ on one and a blue ‘C’ on the other.

You ever notice how there is a word for a person who never tells the truth, liar, but there doesn’t seem to be a single word for someone who never lies. I guess it’s for the same reason that a canis lupus familiaris is a dog and a felis silvestris catus is a cat, but a Tyrannosaurus Rex is just a Tyrannosaurus Rex. No sense giving a simple name to something you’re never going to see.

I am “cute” to women in the same way that babies and puppies are. I do adorable things, but thinking of me in a sexual context is disgusting and wrong.

Recently my brain has been malfunctioning. When someone makes a bad pun, instead of a groan, I make a random sound effect. “Zoink! Plin!. Nert!” I may be turning into Pinky.

I hate passive aggressive people, but I don’t tell them that. I just behave in a vaguely hostile way toward them.

This is off of the Encyclopedia Mythica. “Notus: The god of the South Wind, which is a very warm and moist wind.” TEEHEE!

I think that, in other parts of the country, “Thong” rhymes with “Song.”

What would you find more disturbing? Waking up from a surgery to find that you had missing toes, or extra toes?

Headless chickens lack focus. They also lack a head.

They call freeze dried brine shrimp sea monkeys. What the heck? What about them is monkey-like? If you just wanted them to sound cooler, why not Sea Ninjas, or Sea Robots?

The Cornucopia, or “horn of plenty”, is always filled with whatever its possessor wishes. My question is, why all the pumpkins? Whenever you see it, there is at least one pumpkin in there. Is the pumpkin really that desirable?

Think about the Batman theme song, the one from the Adam West series, and tell me it doesn’t sound like something the composer came up with while on hold or driving.


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