In Which Thunderchunk Endeavors to Construct a Manuscript…

In Which Thunderchunk Endeavors to Construct a Manuscript Utilizing Lexical Elements Exclusively Representative of Absolutely Paramount Examples of Simplified Vocabulary.

One day…

Bob: Read this.
Jim: By you?
Bob: Yes, sir.
Jim: (Reads It.)
Bob: Like it?
Jim: No way.
Bob: Why not?
Jim: Too short.
Bob: Too short? How so?
Jim: Just look! (Points down.) Short word. (Moves left.) Short phrase. No thought. No plot. No fun. Bad stuff.
Bob: No fair.
Jim: Oh, no?
Bob: No, sir.
Jim: How so?.
Bob: (Takes book. Taps it.) See this? Kid’s book!
Jim: What is?
Bob: What is?! This is! This book! For Kids!
Jim: So what? Don’t care. Book sucks.
Bob: Beat it.
Jim: Beat what?
Bob: This book! Beat it. Write one.
Jim: Make me.
Bob: Screw you!
Jim: You too!
Bob: (Storms out.)
Jim: Dumb jerk.
Bob: (Off screen.) Heard That!
Jim: Get lost!
The end.


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