Geek Factor 9.8

This is going to be short. The content isn’t important. What is important is the method in which it was posted. This was posted using a text based browser, lynx, over an ssh connection to a home PC running Ubuntu on the other side of a firewall. Said PC is on a bridged wi-fi connection. I am using a laptop which is connected to the internet via a vpn. I may have overloaded my geek capacitors.


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Editor, Writer, and general Knower-Of-Words, if there is text to be read on BrainLazy, Joseph Lallo probably has his fingerprints on it. As the final third of the ownership and foundation of BrainLazy, Joseph “Jo” Lallo made a name for himself when he lost the “e” from his nickname in an arm wrestling match with a witch doctor. Residing in the arid lowlands of the American Southwest, Joseph Lallo is a small, herbivorous, rabbit-like creature with the horns of an antelope. He sleeps belly up, and his milk can be used for medicinal purposes. Joseph Lallo is also author of several books, including The Book of Deacon Series, book 1 of which is available for free here.