Eight Minutes of Stream of Consciousness

Apples are the natural enemy of robots. Sometimes a lake will attack you, but usually not. If I were you I would be reading this instead of writing it. A sloth is nature’s way of saying, “Eh, they can’t all be winners.” Sometimes boredom takes disturbing forms. Butter. Wednesday is the day of the week with the stupidest spelling. Worms in the pancakes.

Every Friday, London takes a bike ride. Eventually there will be no more room. The ocean, and all of its inhabitants, are wet. Clearing your throat in the Olympics, that’ll wind up on camera. Orange eggplants? Not likely. Ask Jimbo, that guy don’t lie, but he does kick people a lot. When was the last time someone told you that you were on fire. I bet cows are ALWAYS itchy.

The roof is where all Frisbees long to be. It’ll hurt if I swallow. If every single day of the week is a happy day, then what is the basis for comparison. Not the squirrel, never the squirrel. I know what you are thinking. BUY MORE SALAMI! Helicopters? Weird me out.

I don’t think you really understand spaghetti. No one does. But I’ll tell you one thing. Plastic tastes bad. And don’t forget the zombies. Always the zombies. One two three. I like bread, but does that really include waffles. Waffles and salami? No way. Maybe. Now I need to pee.

Kicking the elderly is never okay. I like the way the beads feel when I spin them. Cold. Where did I ever put those glowing bones? I don’t think I ever really had them. It was just a big lie.


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