Warp PAX East 2011 early hands-on

PAX East 2011 closed shop about four days ago and my partners and I are still deliberating and going over all the awesomeness that was packed into the show.  It’s […]

PAX East 2011 closed shop about four days ago and my partners and I are still deliberating and going over all the awesomeness that was packed into the show.  It’s our job, you see, to peel back the husk of what remains and sort out the gems in the rough.  One of those gems worth noting is Warp.  Everything about Warp is kind of mysterious.  Well, everything except the controls.  The controls to the game are simple and effective, more on that in a bit.  You play as an alien looking chap in what looks to be a yellow hoodie, I’m not entirely all that certain what his real name is sooo I’ll just call him Warp.  This is Warp.


Ignore the "CrackDown" looking fellow in the background



Warp can transmit the entirety of his molecules across a boundary between adjacent layers of stuff and things… or into stuff and things.  The first level shows Warp confined in an (assumed) examination room of some type at which point you can begin to wield your powers of teleportation like some deranged madman laughing and hopping in and out of points of existence at your beck and call.  This is what Warp does for a living.  And business is good.  The armed guards are employed to end you in the event you break out (impossible!) so you’ll need to be cautious before entering or exiting a room.  It would seem straight forward, only thing is, the geniuses (genii?) at the lab figured out a way to stop your warping ways and devised some sort of magnificent shielding device to prevent your state of being from transposing through said shielding device.  It would stand to reason that if these self-professed “geniuses” equipped your initial holding cell with said shields, Warp would have never escaped but… let’s not think critically and instead focus on BLOWING SHIT UP!



Rooms can not contain Warp


So if the guards see you, they shoot you.  If they suspect you’ve made their fellow guardsmen your new abode, they shoot the guard, I.E. you.  Those Malevolent bastards!  Thankfully, once you’ve secured the innards of some poor sap, you need only to shift the left analog stick in all directions, as if evoking power from some Magic 8-ball, and KABLAMO, you now have an ex-guard or genii.  Anyhoo, this is where the sort of puzzly nature comes into Warp and we can start to see the buds of fun blossom or what I like to call, “Gameplay”.

Again, I’ve only had a small taste, a sample really, of what Warp has to offer.  New powers were vaguely teased when asked, but I don’t believe that will see fruition.  Instead the demo ended with automated turrets indicating the branching predicaments Warp will find himself in.  THINK OF THE POSSIBILITIES!





Not much has been confirmed, but this much I can tell you.  I played Warp on a 360 controller and all of the in game menu’s showed a 360 controller.  So at the very least we are looking at Xbox 360 and possibly PC.  PS3 is kind of out in the distance right now.  Also I’d say that this game is leaning as an arcade title, so I’d personally expect the $15 range.

Other than that, really looking forward to Warp.  As soon as we hear more, we’ll let you know.

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