Fall Premieres 2010

For every TVphile out there, it's one of the most exciting times of the year: Fall Premieres. We're entering week three of the fall season. With about two weeks of new shows having aired, let's take a look at the schedule. I'll also have some honorable mentions (shows that I'm interested in but either lost touch with or haven't had a chance to check out).

For every TVphile out there, it’s one of the most exciting times of the year: Fall Premieres. We’re entering week three of the fall season. With about two weeks of new shows having aired, let’s take a look at the schedule. I’ll also have some honorable mentions (shows that I’m interested in but either lost touch with or haven’t had a chance to check out).


The Event (NBC - Monday at 9:00PM)

The Event (NBC - Monday at 9:00PM)

House (FOX – 8:00PM) – Being another favorite of mine, I was looking forward to this one, especially since last season ended with quite a change in pace. After an emotional moment for Dr. House, losing a patient and almost taking another turn toward Vicodin, Cuddy came in at the last second for the save. With the season finale’s final moments giving birth to yet another ridiculous relationship name, “Huddy” professed their love for one another. In my opinion, new relationships between title characters such as House & Cuddy don’t last. The question is, how long will this one last? Not only that, but far more important, when will Thirteen be back?! Olivia Wilde is awesome (and hot) and needs to return ASAP. We already lost Kutner (Kal Penn aka Kumar of Harold & Kumar fame).

How I Met Your Mother (CBS – 8:00PM) – To be honest, while I am a fan of Neil Patrick Harris, Jason Segel, and Alyson Hannigan, when I first heard of the show around its series premiere, it didn’t interest me much. Granted, while I thought the idea was unique, I assumed it would run dry quick. I was fooled once before (*shakes fist at Prison Break*) and didn’t want to waste my time again. However, seasons later Phawx suggested I watch it. Being the same person who got me into Scrubs and Naruto, I valued his opinion. After watching the first episode, I could see the charm, but wasn’t quite taken in yet. After a few more though, I was hooked. Getting back to the point. In my opinion, after five seasons, the show has gotten a little stale. While I am interested in who is (hopefully) eventually cast as Ted Mosby’s wife-to-be, there seem to be more filler episodes than not. With the return of Rachel Bilson, her connection to the woman of Ted’s dreams, and a few other surprise cast announcements to come later this season, hopefully the show will refocus on the obvious story arc.

The Event (NBC – 9:00PM) – What IS The Event? Well, two episodes in, hopefully we have a good idea. With so much going on though, it’s a little difficult to tell. As may be evident by the countless adverts focusing on a specific character, this show is shrouded in mystery. It’s difficult to discuss the show without revealing too much since not much has been revealed in its commercials and other ads. I will say a lot of comparisons are being made to Lost, and at this point, while I’m not necessarily sure this is a good comparison to make, it definitely is the next “Mystery Thriller Drama” or whatever amalgamation of buzz words Lost was. The point is, I think The Event should be given a chance to stand on its own feet first before we condemn it to live in another show’s shadow.  With all that said, it is nice to see at least someone survive the end of Heroes (Zeljko Ivanek).

Lone Star (FOX – 9:00PM) – The only reason this is on the list is because it’s already canceled. Don’t get me wrong, I was interested in checking it out, but FOX didn’t give me a chance. Why is it worth mentioning though? Well, in its place is…

Lie To Me (FOX – 9:00PM) – Starting its third season not even a month after the conclusion of its second season, its definitely one of my favorite shows right now. While it follows the standard procedural formula, the characters are very interesting, especially Dr. Cal Lightman (Tim Roth). I don’t know how much longer the show can hold on since it’s struggled to get this far (three seasons under three showrunners and fighting to keep its place with Human Target), but I hope it finds its audience. Last season ended with the The Lightman Group severing its ties with the FBI and, of course, Mekhi Phifer. I think this was a good move to make as it gives Cal and company a little room to breath, not always having to worry about rules and following a specific procedure.

Honorable Mentions:
Chuck, Castle, Chase, Hawaii Five-0, & Men of a Certain Age


Parenthood (NBC - Tuesday at 10:00PM)

Parenthood (NBC - Tuesday at 10:00PM)

Glee (FOX – 8:00PM) – It’s hard not to love Glee. With such great music (Dream on by Aerosmith duet with Matthew Morrison & Neil Patrick Harris) and such great characters (Jane Lynch), Glee had become an instant success last year. Last we saw New Directions, they had just lost to Vocal Adrenaline in the regionals, Quinn gave birth to a baby girl, and Rachel said goodbye to her real mother. With such a whirlwind of events taking place at regionals, has much changed for the Glee Club at McKinley?

Running Wilde (FOX – 9:30PM) – A product of Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz starring Will Arnette & Keri Russell and featuring David Cross?! I’m in! Running Wilde follows Steven Wilde, born into money, trying to win the love and affection of his childhood love, Emmy, an environmental activist. While it does sound too good to be true, I’ll definitely give it a bigger chance than most other shows, hoping it’s another diamond in the rough. I may be the only person to feel this way, but Hurwitz’ “Sit Down Shut Up” was undervalued.

Honorable Mentions:
Parenthood, No Ordinary Family, Raising Hope, & Sons of Anarchy


As it may be evident by my television schedule so far, it’s a little packed. Currently, my television gets a break on Wednesdays. However, it’s not without it’s honorable mentions.

Honorable Mentions:
Undercovers, The Middle, Modern Family, Terriers, & The Defenders


The Office (NBC - Thursday at 9:00PM)

The Office (NBC - Thursday at 9:00PM)

Community (NBC - 8:00PM) – Community is one of THE best sitcoms on television right now. The exaggerated characters, especially Abed, play off each other perfectly. Greendale is the perfect base for a sitcom as week to week the group can be confronted with a new class, project, or teacher. The sitcom has begun its sophomore season without missing a step.

30 Rock (NBC - 8:30PM) – Tina Fey is a genius. Four seasons ago I warmed up to 30 Rock pretty quickly, even if, at the time, it was going up against a drama with an identical plot, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Unfortunately, Aaron Sorkin’s Studio 60 didn’t last, but thankfully 30 Rock did. Last season saw Liz Lemon hookup with pilot Carol (Matt Damon), Jack Donaghy hookup and knock up Avery Jessup (the awesome Elizabeth Banks), and Kenneth Parcell get fired. Being a sitcom, not too many questions need answers. I just wanna know who’s going to drop by the studio next.

The Office (NBC - 9:00PM) – On the heels of the news that this will be Steve Carrell’s last season, The Office has lost some of its momentum. While it still has some great moments, some of the magic has been lost. Many may make the argument that a lot of the magic was lost when Jim & Pam got together, but if that was the case, even more so now. The bigger questions to be answered for this season aren’t due to cliffhangers from the season finale, but from the eventual departure of Michael Scott. Why will he leave? Who will replace him?

Fringe (FOX – 9:00PM) – Fringe is sci-fi and mystery at its best. Described as today’s X-Files, Fringe, now in its third season, is facing it’s biggest hurdle yet, alternate dimensions. After a mission to find and retrieve Peter from the other side, Olivia and Faux-livia have switched realities and no one but a select few is the wiser. What does this mean for the Fringe team, and more importantly, our world?

Honorable Mentions:
The Big Bang Theory

Fridays & Saturdays

A few days off from television.


Boardwalk Empire (HBO – 9:00PM) – Martin Scorcese, Steve Buscemi, Atlantic City, & Prohibition? Much like Running Wilde, I’m in! Based partly on real people and events, Boardwalk Empire follows the rise and reign of Enoch “Nucky” Thompson (see: Johnson), mayor of Atlantic City during prohibition. Listen for a familiar name in the season premiere.

Dexter (Showtime – 9:00PM) – This is the premiere I’ve been waiting for since last season’s finale. With Dexter’s new wife, Rita, murdered and son, Harrison, traumatized at the hands of The Trinity Killer (John Lithgow), what will Dexter’s mindset be like? With so much focus on Dexter the past few years, will someone start putting the pieces together? Some have come close in the past, but never for long.

Honorable Mentions:
The Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad, The Cleveland Show, Bored To Death, Luther, & The Walking Dead


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